Starting at 0 

Start-where-you-areEarly in 2015, I came up with this big idea … I had been looking for “a goal” and couldn’t quite land on one.

I don’t really like “negative goals” (weight lost, inches lost, etc.), and I’ve rarely been successful at them.

Many of the fitness related goals that most people set (running a 5k, running a 10 minute mile, doing a triathlon, running a Spartan race, and it goes on and on) don’t relate to me because I can’t do them.

But, I really wanted a really bold goal to get started.

I decided to do 1 million reps.

What is a rep? A rep for me is any rep of exercise (bicep curl, tricep extension, row, and so many others) or one “rotation” on my stationary bike. I’d love to be walking more and having each step also count as a rep, but that’s a bit far off.

Over the course of the spring, summer and early fall, I was able to get over 300,000 reps done and tracked. In the fall, I was dealing with some illnesses and some increased pain and threw off my pace. That lack of progress stretched into the winter and through the first of the year.

I’ve decided to start with 0 and reboot on April 1.

I’ve joined a new Crossfit gym to keep me motivated and I’ve set a couple of different goals on when I want to get to 1 million.

My main goal for when I want to get to 1 million is after 12 months.

My stretch goal for when I want to get to 1 million is by the end of the year 12/31/16 — that’s only 9 months away.


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